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yours truly:

i hate socks.  always have.  i love old houses.  if you don't eat your feelings i don't know what you do with them.  i think my family is swell.  i think funny is the most attractive thing you can be.  i think volunteering is the most important thing you can do.  when i was a kid i saw the musical 'annie' and wanted to be an orphan so badly that i didn't talk to my parents for 3 days.  now I'm a songwriter in nashville.  i'm glad some things didn't go the way i wanted them to.


from houston, texas.  but doesn't pronounce his h's like the rest of the world so, if you ask him, he'll tell you he's from you-ston.  tenaciously fights for good things, like our kiddos.  buys me hagen dazs coconut pineapple ice cream.  tells me i'm pretty when i'm on the last spoonful of eating the entire carton in one sitting.  my most favorite person ever.

mohamed (7 years old):

loves to read.  adores his baby brother.  way smarter than me.  sharp as a tack.  wants a remote control car so badly he would probably trade one of his sisters for it.  first one to steal josh's heart.

mamie (6 years old):

our fighter.  you'll never see this girl in a corner.  she has the spirit to change the world, and will fight her way through it.  best hand holder i know.  has the most gorgeous, husky little girl voice.

gerald (3 years old):

loves books.  scrunches up his nose like an accordion when he sings.  has the sweetest overbite.  loves to show you his 10 fingers.  curiously favors one of my younger brothers.  best laugh ever.

geraldine (3 years old):

knows how to rock an off-the-shoulder shirt.  bobbles her head back and forth when she's happy.  has a smile you could see from the moon.  puts one hilarious hand on her hip when she dances.  likes the special needs kids the most.

The kiddos live in an orphanage called The Covering that is run by an organization called The Raining Season.  To learn more about the incredible work of TRS in West Africa please visit their website.

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