Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Best: A Surprise Screen-Jack

crystal clear connection.
the best three c's ever.  

today i am thankful for: 
an incredible connection that lets me see those beautiful faces...
dr. seuss books that had all 4 of the kids quiet as we read to them. there's a first time for everything...
wonderful and loving aunties at the center to take care of our oldest and his fever today...
kiss blowing, mama calling, book loving, meant to be mine, gorgeous children.


surprise screen jack by gerald after we'd already said goodbye.

reading.  listening.  and geraldine in stripes ignoring all of it.

"where is your mouth?"


happy tuesday's best!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday's Best

i miss them.
blurry is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.


father daughter.

teaching deen the sign for 'i love you'

twin profiles.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Faith fa fa fa fa Faith

it's monday.  i'm assuming that means you've just spent an entire weekend out there in the wild searching for your yes, right?  yeah, me too.  totally.  i didn't get distracted by work or sweatpants or birthday parties either.  go us.

so.  you've been looking.  
and i'm guessing you've mostly found a bunch of no's.  and that's good, remember?  so let's talk about what to do when you find your yes.  because i'm sure you totally want to impress your yes with a secret handshake and the kind of conversation that will leave your yes saying, "this guy is awesome, where has he been all my life?"

it's easy.  once you find it, you say it.  let's practice...

repeat after me: "yes".

c'mon.  say it.  see how it feels.  try it on for size.

pretty nice, right?  powerful stuff, that little yes.  liberating.  empowering.  did you just puff up your chest, throw out those peacock feathers and strut around a little bit?  because it'd be ok if you did.  this whole saying yes thing is something to be proud of, my friends.  it's no easy feat.  even when you're just practicing.  

this saying it part is where that tiny little thing called faith fa fa fa fa faith comes in.  it's a doozy, taking that leap.  we don't always know how far the fall will be.  we don't always know what's at the bottom.  but you know what faith filled people do know?  that it's not their job to know any of that.  it's their job to jump.  you know, if God asks them to.  if you've been led to a turning point, take the turn.  if you hate it you can always turn back around and try again.

so you find it, then you say it.  what happens next?

you say it to other people.
this accomplishes two things:

1.  you won't be able to back out of trying.  like when i decided to run my first half marathon and i told everybody i knew so that i couldn't back out or they'd see me for the lazy slob that i really am on the inside.  just like that.

2.  it makes it real.  it gets your friends/family/neighbors/co-workers/innocent strangers involved with your endeavor and gives them the tools to cheer you on... and maybe even get involved themselves.

so say it.  make it real.  put it out there.  trust it.

have faith.

(like this... kind of)