Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Best: A Surprise Screen-Jack

crystal clear connection.
the best three c's ever.  

today i am thankful for: 
an incredible connection that lets me see those beautiful faces...
dr. seuss books that had all 4 of the kids quiet as we read to them. there's a first time for everything...
wonderful and loving aunties at the center to take care of our oldest and his fever today...
kiss blowing, mama calling, book loving, meant to be mine, gorgeous children.


surprise screen jack by gerald after we'd already said goodbye.

reading.  listening.  and geraldine in stripes ignoring all of it.

"where is your mouth?"


happy tuesday's best!!


  1. your babies are beautiful! i love reading about your journey with & to them.


  2. Megan, I've been subscribed to ghh on my Google reader for a while and I find you, your family, and your story absolutely inspiring. I have one quick question, though... And maybe I'm clueless here... But what's the trajectory of your adoption of these munchkins? I know they're yours forevah, but do you actually get to bring them home at some point? My heart hurts for you and Josh only getting to see your babies on Skype.

  3. My favorite part of these pictures is how happy you guys look in the bottom little part.