Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dessert Before Dinner

yesterday kimberly schlapman from little big town filmed a pilot for a cooking show in our kitchen.  

at 7:30 i got up to make a quick pot of coffee before the madness ensued and climbed right back into bed with my mug to catch up on some e-mails.  around 8 o'clock the circus came to town.  a dozen camera/lighting men, one loud new york woman, 3 giant boxes of cookware, and blonde curls for days came barging in and immediately started moving furniture out of the den and redecorating the kitchen.

in true megan fashion i met most of the crew in my pajamas: shorts, t-shirt, off the shoulder sweater, glasses, and a mess of bed head.  i apologized to kimberly for walking around their office for the day looking like a homeless woman and she told me i looked "cute as pie".  she's a good liar.  that one poured right out of her mouth like melted butter.

her daughter, daisy, joined her to film the last bit of the segment.  she said her daddy always says, "dessert before dinner".  i think the schlapman's are my soulmates.

i left for the day and came home 8 hours later to a spotless house.  the circus came and went like it was never there.  not a stake left in the ground.  only the smell of chicken pot pie in the air and a dangerous plate of sea salt brownies left on the counter.  guess who had dessert before dinner tonight...?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mary Susan Balboa

the other day my friend, mary susan, came over for coffee.  at 9am.  in her pajamas.  and we maaaaaay or may not have both climbed into my bed and talked for two hours like teenagers.  judge away.  it was fantastic and we will absolutely do it again.

out of the blue she asked, "if you could have any other accent what would it be?"  without hesitating i answered, "english.  if i sounded like adele i would walk around all day just listening to myself."  i asked her the same question and she said, "i've always wished i sounded like i was from the bronx.  how ghetto is that???"  my 95-pounds-soaking-wet-blonde-hair-blue-eyed friend responded to my fits of laughter with, "when someone from the bronx is talking to you, you WILL listen to them."

tru dat.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


the other day i was on a mission to find a couple of old pictures and found this instead:

"no booze".  jackpot.  (every couple of months i get an urge to get a tattoo of her handwriting)

totally framed it and it is now hanging on my bedroom wall.
bottom right corner.
where i can see it every day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year Of The Gold Glitter

new year's eve nails.  and i like 'em just as much the next day.  i plan on adding this much amazingness to my life on a regular basis this year.  in fact i think the chinese calendar should really call this the year of the gold glitter.

knock our socks off 2012.  no pressure or anything... but do it.