Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4, 2011

july 4th, 2011.  percy priest lake.  nashville, tennessee.


the first little white dot to jump is my friend dylan.  the second little white jumping dot is yours truly.

ironically enough, jumping was the easy part. it was the climb to the top that made me nervous.  it was steep, slippery, and prooooobably a little dangerous considering the fact that we had been drinking tequila on the hooptie of a pontoon we rented.  the climb was a little scary (yes, i totally sang the miley cyrus song the whole way up) but well worth the fun on the other side.  

I jumped, fell for approximately 37 minutes (megan time, real time: 4 seconds), splashed, came up for air, checked to make sure my green polka dot bikini top was where it was supposed to be, and immediately jumped again.


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