Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Megan James Family

my annoyingly gorgeous, unbelievably thoughtful, overly generous, gigantic hearted, super talented, good hair rocking, oversized sweater wearing friend, meesa, gave me the sweetest gift this weekend:  cards for the babies.  their very first cards, in fact.  

what's the deal with these babies i keep talking about, you ask?  well i STILL can't write about them here and it's driving me crazy.  so until i can actually talk about them i will continue to keep writing about them without really writing about them.  it's cheaper than therapy.  deal with it.

we had a big weekend, those babies and me.
and i'm talking BIG weekend.
like bigger than dinosaurs big.
bigger than country music award show hair big.

until i can share i leave you with their first cards... thank you, mees.  
g&g are going to adore their auntie suss.

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