Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Best and 100 More Children

the kiddos had trouble hearing us this morning... good thing they know a little sign language!

the covering (the orphanage) moved to a new building this weekend.  while we are fundraising to build a permanent home for the kids we are leasing space and, this past weekend, they packed up and headed to a new building that i had the privilege of touring while i was in sierra leone this summer.  we asked the kids if they liked their new home and they all seemed pretty excited about it.  mohamed said his favorite part about the new center was the wall.  wait, whaaaa?  did i hear that right?  a wall is your favorite part?  yep.  the outside wall in the courtyard.  probably because he can bounce balls off of it.  you know what this means, right?  josh and i just hit the jackpot.  someday we are going to be able to get him cardboard boxes for christmas that we will most likely score for free outside of a liquor store and make him the happiest kid in the world.  merry christmas to us!

moving to this new building means that the raining season now has the capability to house up to 100 more kids.  i mean, think about that.  100 more children will have homes.  100 more children will have three meals a day.  100 more children will have someone to care for them.  100 more children will be told that they are not forgotten and will learn what love looks like.  the raining season is about to double it's impact in west africa.  

  this also means that we here in the states have some work to do.  sponsors, forever families, the dollar spot, chuy's creamy jalapeƱo dressing to drown our stresses in... we need it all.  our nashville fundraising committee has some work to do, and i couldn't be more excited to get my hands dirty.  its going to be a busy fall!!!

happy tuesday's best,

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