Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book of John

tim mcgraw has a new record out.  
one of my dear friends, jenn, has the title track, 'two lanes of freedom'.
another of my friends and respected co-writers has an incredibly moving song on this record called 'book of john'.

this is what music is all about people.  this.

what a beautiful way to honor your beautiful mom.  i'm so proud of you, greg.

listen/buy here.

(from greg)

A lot of my close friends already know this story, but for those interested in where The Book Of John came from and why it is such a personal sounding song, here's the rest of the story… Last year I was visiting at the hospital with my mom in Boston while she was battling cancer and my dad asked me and my brother to run home and get them a few items, sweatshirts, overnight bag, etc. . When I went into his closet (first time ever) I noticed a shelf of keepsakes, pictures, etc. The private collection that everyone has somewhere tucked away, that you see every day, that reaffirms who you are, what you love, that all at once lifts you and grounds you. There were pictures of mom from the 1970's, a bunch of us kids climbing on my dad, his parents, sports memorabilia, etc

The day I got back to Nashville I had my first co-write with Jon Nite. A tremendous writer. I was so emotional given the circumstances of mom's illness and the difficult trip I had just come back from. Being the great writer that he is, we went ahead and wrote the song that was in the room that day, which was Book Of John based on the experience of getting to know a loved one at a whole new level by discovering their hidden scrapbook after they've died. That's right, a death ballad on a first time co-write.

Months went by and later that spring mom passed away. The day after she passed, I was in her office, tears flowing, going through her photo albums gathering pictures for the memorial service and came across a black binder filled with her 'private' collection of awards, letters, pictures of her and dad as kids, etc. the Book of Mom if you will. So at the exact moment that I'm flipping through the pages weeping (literally the EXACT moment), my phone starts vibrating and it's Jon sending me a text that Tim had called for a lyric on Book Of John.

Two days later on the day of Mom's funeral, Tim recorded it. Tim friggin recorded it on the day of her funeral, are you kidding me? As happy as one is about a McGraw cut, it's taken me a while to hear the song again after Mom died, but I have to say... it sounds pretty great to hear it again now. I hope that knowing this story you will enjoy it as well. Thanks Jon.Thanks Tim. And of course thanks Mom. .

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