Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love Outside the Lines

working, preparing, filing, stressing, writing, scheduling, singing, volunteering, worrying, playing, booking, dreaming, eating my feelings, and if we're being honest, more eating.

it's been a busy month for me.  a busy month full of a range of emotions and, truthfully, i've just been trying to stay on the roller coaster.  but today?  today i celebrate.

today is release day for my new ep, love outside the lines!

music is an outlet.  an escape.  an expression.  therapy even.  and this ep was no exception.  i got to sit in a room with friends who i love and look up to, friends who have known me for a long time, friends who are either in their own adoption journey or who have been a steadfast part of mine, and create.  we buried ourselves for hours in conversations about what it feels like to become a parent overnight to a child who has seen more than we ever have, possibly ever will.  there were admissions of fears of inadequacy.  fears of royally screwing up some of the most beautiful and delicate hearts we have come across.  fears coupled with mountains of joy over the incredible additions these children are to our lives.  i'm doing the boldest thing i've ever done in my personal life and my musical life needed to reflect that.  

we were honest.  we were comforted.  and we are hopeful that the final product will help others on this journey feel the same.

100% of the proceeds of the title track will go toward the raining season, the non profit that runs the orphanage where our children live.  the remainder will help us bring them home.  6 songs.  7 dollars.  over 100 kids feeling the love.

get it here.  and please share!


ps - the biggest thank you i can muster goes out to capri, gabrielle, selena, and lexi.  4 gorgeous girls, inside and out, who have recently made their way home to tennessee from the orphanage in sierra leone.  pay close attention to the title track, you just might hear a little something special...

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