Monday, July 23, 2012

Temme Tanky (day two)

July 8th, 2012
11:30pm freetown time
day two

dear america,

gerald and deen both pee'd on me in church this morning.  5 minutes before the double pee mohamed asked me for a bible and mamie, overhearing him, got up, walked across the room and ripped one out of another boy's hands.  she handed it to mohamed saying, "temme tanky" (tell me thank you).  problem solved?  eh.  we'll work on manners another day.  

my biceps are sore from holding both of the babies at all times.  if i'm holding one of them i'm holding both of them.  my hands have molded to the curves of mohamed and mamie's cheeks from constantly touching their sweet faces.  i got to speak to josh on the phone last night.  those 15 minutes will probably cost me $60.  totally worth it.

i've never been more overwhelmed.  i've never been more exhausted.  i've never smelled more like pee.

i've never been happier.


(the stolen bible)

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