Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Best and 3 Big Reasons

big reasons to love today.

1.  in 3 days i will be in sierra leone holding my babies for the first time!!!!!!!
 (you know how forrest gump says sometimes there just aren't enough rocks?  well i say sometimes there aren't enough exclamation points.)

2.  tuesday's best.  after 6 weeks of no third world internet connection this little man spent the morning showing me his 5 fingers.  presh.

3.  my partner in crime is now my partner in crime on african paper.   everybody, meet josh.  he is, hands down, the best person i know.   he bought a front row seat to the circus that is my life and continues to blow me away with how he will fight tenaciously for a good thing.  want proof?  i found out this week that gerald and geraldine's older brother and sister, mohamed and mamie, were soon going to be without a forever family.  how did he respond?  by filling out paperwork to officially join our forever family and by including mohamed and mamie in the process.  in one week's time my forever family has doubled from 3 to 6.  what a week.  what a man.  what a family. 

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