Friday, April 19, 2013


last night i had the privilege of sitting down with a group of people to take part in a town hall meeting of sorts.  we weren't discussing zoning or high school football coaches or voting on an issue that had the city divided, but instead we began a conversation.  a very important conversation.

i was born in 1982.  i was born into a world where women have the same rights that men do.  i was born into a world where the content of your character is considered more important than the color of your skin.  and i was born into a world where millions of children continue to live outside of a family unit.

women's rights, civil rights, marriage equality, a child's basic right to a family... they are all human rights.  i didn't get to chose the era into which i was born.  i didn't get to choose my gender, skin color, sexual orientation, or the circumstances i was born under.  i was simply born.  while i might not have had the opportunity to choose my starting point in life i certainly have the opportunity, responsibility, to make sure that millions of children don't get stuck at theirs.

the documentary is called stuck.

watch it here. 

sign the petition here.

learn how you can get involved here.

ask yourself the question...
would you allow your children to live this way?

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  1. I've been hearing all about this documentary, I didn't know it was available to view online. Thanks for sharing!