Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Best: Catching up

the sun is out.
it's finally spring.
70 degrees.
i'm sitting on the front porch with my computer and a cup of coffee.
the birds are singing away.
and it's tuesday's best.
doesn't get much better than this.

i'm long overdue on a tuesday's best update.  we've been finishing our home study and working overtime to save up for the adoption expenses that are about to start flooding in.  as someone who spent their 20's investing in the contents of their closet i'm shocked to announce that i have never been so excited to empty out my piggy bank.  and by piggy bank i mean josh's yazoo brewery growler.

we've been busily dreaming these last few weeks and holding tight to the hopes we have for the weeks to come.  

hang tight, my four favorites.  we're coming for you.

four favorites

geraldine said her abc's for us today all by herself.

auntie kelly taught gerald how to throw a peace sign.  word.

looking at pictures of mom as a kid is hilarious...

... but not as funny as pictures of dad and granddad!

last week we surprised the kids with three special visitors...
their friends abdul, mabinty, and sorie!
these three came home to america a few weeks ago after a long three years of waiting for their parents, jason and erica rust, the founders of the raining season.

they spent the night with us monday so they could get up early and skype with us tuesday morning.  
our house has been way too quiet ever since...

surprise!  mohamed and mamie were so excited to see their friends.

happy tuesday's best,


  1. Love reading your story. Thanks for sharing. New follower! :)

    1. Thanks for the sweet note and for following!

  2. I can't believe how beautiful your kids are, they have a vibrancy that shows through even in blurry skype photos. I pray for a swift home coming and smooth sailing; I'm working on adopting from Ukraine and this labor of paperwork and saving every penny is completely overwhelming.


    1. Thank you, Alli. And best of luck to you!!!