Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Days

today is june 12th and i am just now catching my breath from may.  that lil' month had me traveling all over the country this year and i loved every minute of it.

what: key west songwriter's festival
why: because we songwriters have really hard jobs and need to get away every now and then (lie)
what really happened: i played a one hour show during the course of a 5 day vacation


what: mother's day
why: because it was my first (sort of) one
what really happened: ol' fashioned southern overeating

what: asheville, north carolina writer's retreat
why: because i have reeeaaaaally generous friends
what really happened: guitar time, wine, food, wine, great songs, wine, wine wine wine

what: southern california
why: my boyfriend booked one of his artists at the ranch and YOU MUST GO THERE ONE DAY 
what really happened: country music in california, two stepping, one of the best meals of my life that sent my inner fat kid to foodie heaven, new friends, a much too short visit with an old friend, brunch on the beach, and even more wine than north carolina

the in between: surprise wedding fun, ascap at night, mister darlin snuggle, bgv's at rachel loy's cd release party, jameson ep release also known as the most fun ever. 

phew.  may, you were lovely.

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