Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday's Worst

i slept through my skype visit with the babies this morning.  right through it.  entirely.  like, missed it by half an hour right through it. 

most moms are responsible for thousands of percentages of time more with their kids than the 20 minutes i am responsible for mine each week.  most moms probably make their kids delicious and nutritious homemade lunches to take with them to school in eco friendly and adorable lunch boxes from pottery barn kids with their initials perfectly monogrammed on the side so as not to mix it up with the other amazing mom's kids eco friendly and adorable lunchboxes.  most moms probably cut the crusts off of their kids hummus and turkey sandwiches (because their kids scoff at peanut butter and jelly and would trade a little debbie for an apple any day) with heart shaped cookie cutters and leave encouraging go-get-'em-tiger love notes on recycled paper tucked neatly underneath an organic apple juice box from whole foods that cost $7.  most moms probably do all of this while lunging across the kitchen to ward off early stages of a sagging rear end while waking up and dressing their children while kissing their husbands goodbye while washing their hair (which i haven't done in 3 days but that's besides the point and not uncommon) while founding, developing and chairing a non profit organization that helps educate and empower dead weight moms like me.

not that i'm being hard on myself.

glass half empty?  i have only seen my sweet babies once this month due to sierra leone's raining season beginning and interrupting their internet connection... and my sleeping habits.  i miss them terribly.

glass half full?  i'm not the mom who smokes in the car with the windows up while her babies are in the backseat rolling around because no one bothered to buckle them in.

you win some, you sleep through some.

dear babies,
mommy's sorry.  it won't happen again (fingers crossed).
love, me

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