Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sweet Sara

i am heart heavy today.  

i really want to continue our conversation from yesterday, because there's a lot in that yes business.  but today i need to take a prayer break if that's ok with you.

this morning i found out that one of the kids at our center is being taken to the hospital for emergency surgery.  

this is sweet sara.

sara came to the covering with severe burns on her face from being forced to drink boiling water at a different "care" center in freetown.  you read that correctly.  forced to drink boiling water.  by an adult.  before living in that center she had been used to sell on the streets and had open wounds from sitting in the same place for days on end with no food, water, or any kind of care.

despite the tireless efforts of our caretakers sara is still massively malnourished.  the scar tissue on her esophagus from the burns she suffered make it hard for her to keep food down, and she is being brought to the hospital today for surgery.  the doctor's are going to attempt to widen her esophagus in the hopes that she will begin swallowing again.  dangerous?  absolutely.  necessary?  absolutely.  could we lose her?  i pray with everything in me that answer is no.

i fell in love with sara this summer on my first trip to sierra leone.  i hope today you'll join me in sending prayers her way.  as many as you can muster.  

if you want to do more, you can donate to sara's medical expenses here:

thank you for taking a prayer break with me today.  please keep sweet sara in your thoughts.

for video footage of sara click here, and fast forward to 17 minutes exactly.

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