Thursday, October 11, 2012

Westward Journey Home

this morning, halfway around the world, at an embassy in accra, ghana, a very brave and courageous woman did a very brave and courageous thing.  

she can't possibly weigh more than 115 pounds soaking wet but today she was the strongest of the strong.  today she walked into an intimidating room and put her foot down.  today she begged for mercy.  today she demanded change.  today, by the grace of God, her daughter is allowed to come home.  

a visa was approved.  bags were packed.  plane tickets for a same day departure were purchased.  a year long wait came to a close.  a westward journey home has begun.

tomorrow i will be standing at an airport at the bottom of an escalator, waiting.
i'm not going to sleep a wink tonight.

read more about mae's brave journey here.


  1. Seriously - tears. THis was the first I'd heard. SO happy. SO wish I could be there. Hug them extra tight for me. xo

  2. I am incredibly in love with your blog about your friend Mae and remember I am a beginner blogger, so I don't just read any blogs...are you feeling the special vibe? I am so happy for their family and can't wait to hear an update from ya! I bet the airport meeting was the best!!