Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Millions of Miles

a very warm welcome to my visitors from millions of miles!  my name twin, megan, has been such an amazing resource for me as i keep diving deeper into the beautiful and difficult world of adoption.  i am forever grateful!

as you read through older posts, you'll notice there is no fundraising happening... just yet.  you see, i am a songwriter in nashville, and another adoptive parent and i just wrote a record to fundraise not only for both of our adoptions, but the orphanage that our soon to be 7 children ( 3 for him and 4 for me) share. 

the record will be available sometime at the end of february and we will be sharing it here as soon as it's finished.  so if what you read/see/laugh at here strikes you, please keep in touch.  i'd love to meet you and stay up to date on your journeys as well.


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  1. So happy that you are able to spend time with your babies right now & I am excited to check out the record!