Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, Old Me

welp.  we're 1 day in to the new year and not much has changed around here.

so far my new year has consisted of:

crying during a movie.
cuddling on the couch with earl snuggs (the best blanket ever).
painting walls.
coffee for breakfast and lunch.
wine for an afternoon snack.
picking up malaria medicine for a trip to africa.
forgetting to buy toothpaste while i was at the store to pick up previously mentioned medicine.
fighting with comcast over service charges.
more leggings (who needs pants?).
eating ice cream in bed.
laughing at myself when i say that josh's new resting heartbeat of 42 bpm thanks to swimming laps might actually make me want to go to the gym.

pretty par for the course around here.

i'm off to the paint store to pick up my new wall color, french linen.  chic?  no.  it's going over knotty pine walls... don't jump to any classy conclusions.  i've already tackled the cabinets and now i'm on to kitchen and den walls.


cabinets before:

dark and dreary.

love my original stove, hate the pine popping out from behind it.

lighter and brighter.

kept the original hardware and distressed the finish.

so cozy.  like leggings.  but for your kitchen.  i'll keep you guys posted on the progress with the walls because i know you won't be able to sleep until you see the final product.  this is riveting stuff.

knotty pine wishes,

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