Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Da Stawt Uman We De Yanda, I Wohwoh

today is learn a new language wednesday over here at gung ho heart.  

in an effort to more clearly communicate with the kiddos, josh and i have decided to try to learn krio.   krio, an english-based creole, is our kids' first language.  should be easy enough, right???  wrong. 

josh found a study manual for us.  one of my favorite sentences that i'm sure will be reeeeeaaally useful someday is below :) 

that's my whatever whenever wednesday, thanks to rolled up pretty.  i mean, you said 'whatever', right??

happy wednesday!


  1. I read this and had to say it out loud because even though I'm Nigerian, our pidgin english is very similar to what's spoken in Sierra Leone. A lot of the words are actually mispronounced dictionary english words.

    "The stout (w)oman wey dey yonder, (s)he wohwoh" :)

    1. That's what I was guessing!! Hopefully I'll be able to pick some pieces of it out when they are speaking... fingers crossed!