Friday, September 28, 2012

Go Get Our Girl

yesterday one of my very best friends packed her bags.  she shut down her computer, turned off her phone, found a seat on a plane, and started the beginning of the end.  this morning she landed in ghana and, at this very moment, is at an orphanage taking custody of her daughter for the very first time.

her husband (who had to stay behind here in tennessee for work) just texted me and said that he is so excited he thinks he might throw up.  that's how big today is.  

after years of screened in porch dreaming, thousands of hours of blog and book reading, and 3 trips to africa, her eternally long and consistently grueling pregnancy-esque waiting game is finally in the home stretch.  

today she takes custody of her daughter and forever removes her from a government run orphanage.
today she and her mother bring sweet baby abi back to a hotel that will be home until all of the proper documents have been finalized.
today we pray that this process is swift.
today we pray that undetermined time means weeks, not months.
today we pray that her daughter's body and spirit are nurtured through her care.
today we pray that her sense of humor stays intact.
today we pray for the flexibility to roll with the punches.
today we pray that tomorrow is just as good.  because today is a good day.

my dear friend,

be safe.
be brave.
go get our girl.


read more about mae's journey here.

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