Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Best and Gillian's Octopus Arms

after months of the internet being on bad behavior, we finally connected through skype this morning.  eeek!

i proudly reinstate... tuesday's best.

                school gingham!
geraldine throwin' elbows

we sent mohamed back to class today after he was pouting over us pulling him out of school to skype... seriously.  remember that whole "the wall is my favorite part of the center" bit?  and now he actually wants to be in school???? jackpot.

gerald wanted to play outside, so we told him it was ok, sent him a giggling, and took the opportunity to soak up some precious girl time.

geraldine and mamie

the aunties!!

oh sweet kiddos, it did my heart so much good to see you today!!

in other terribly terrific tuesday news, today is my oldest friend, gillian's, 30th birthday.  we met on the first day of 3rd grade.  she already knew how to write a capital letter 'g' in cursive.  she gave me a minnesota twins t-shirt for my birthday. she was, and still is, one of my most favorite people.  to celebrate this momentous occasion (and the fact that she is older than me), i present to you...

'gillian's octopus arms'
by, 10 year old megan

(gillian found this gem while cleaning out her office this week.  i almost pee'd myself as the text images were rolling in)

obviously her cats name would be meg.  i mean, duh people.

dated 4/92.  holy crappola we're old.

happy birthday, gillybean.  i love your guts.
xo, meg the cat


  1. Oh my gosh. Could this post be any more perfect? I need a copy of Gillian's Octopus Arms stat. Please photocopy it and give it out as your Christmas gifts this year : Also, the gingham mixed with Geraldine throwing elbows is almost too much for me to take. CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM TO BE HERE!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful babies, happy to see their faces again! Thanks for the birthday shutout! Love you to pieces. I'll let you know what 30 is like, even though it'll be familiar in a couple of months.