Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Best and Country Music Condiments

this just in:  my children are slightly narcissistic.  

the only time josh and i had their full attention today while we skyped was when we showed them a picture of themselves.  true story.  at least they think they're as good looking as i do.  maybe we can check self confidence off of the list of things we'll need to work on once they get here.  hooray?

see?  look at that laser beam focus.

in other self-centered news, josh and i attended the academy of country music honors last night.  essentially, achievement awards were given out to celebrate the careers of some of the greatest contributors to our story telling, big haired, late night trouble causing, early sunday morning repenting genre.  frank liddell, alan jackson, kenny chesney, roger miller, bobby braddock, billy sherrill, emmy-friggin-lou harris, rickey skaggs, aubrey haynie, dwight yoakam... the list goes on and on.  we saw performances from pioneers and rookies alike: rodney crowell, buddy miller, hunter hayes, ashley monroe, randy houser, clint black, will hoge, and the newly and awesomely bald kellie pickler (check out why here, and a big hey girl heeeeey to my stylist, debbie, who buzzed kellie's head).  

but my favorite moment of the night? vince gill accepting the career achievement award.  that man never ceases to leave me inspired to stay true to my craft, work hard, and create the music that i believe i'm supposed to.  he also delivered my favorite line of the night referring to current country radio. "people keep talking about how country they are.  i can't wait to hear how country they are".

let me give you that one again:

"people keep talking about how country they are.  i can't wait to hear how country they are".

that's a little country music condiment we like to call boomsauce, kids.  

vincey poo.

happy tuesday's best!


  1. wow what an amazing night! yay for happy confident kids, your son has the best and quite possibly the biggest smile ever!! xx

  2. When I’m looking for the latest country music, I always end up in one spot – 103.1 WIRK. I was even lucky enough to catch up with Keith Van Allen in the streets and got free ‘Rib Round Up’ tickets. Just one of the many events that keep me tuned into www.wirk.com