Monday, September 24, 2012

Sinatra (No Relation to Frank)

breaking news : it feels like fall in nashville.  fiiiiiiiinally.  you can now expect a solid month of me being in a (mostly) great mood.  sleeping with the windows open and oversized sweaters and scarves and bonfires and new soup recipes and changing leaves and, my favorite, boots + leggings.  because any day you can get away with not wearing pants is a good day.

so yes, fall is here.  and this weekend we rang it in, framily style.  my friend, jason, has the first track on the new little big town record.  if it's not a single off of this record i'll scream.  gobs of country music goodness.  everybody go get pavement ends  to celebrate his success we toasted the occasion with a a few adult beverages and a giant posterboard of the liner notes with his name on it.  

the man of the evening
we filled it up and everyone behaved themselves.
not a sharpie mustache in sight. 

josh and i snuck out early to meet friends of ours that were in town from ashveille, north carolina for a late dinner.  don & alex are always a guaranteed good time.  plus they are the reason that josh and i met... so when they say 'family sized portions of italian food?', you say 'yes'.

saturday morning josh and i drove 3 hours north for a quick weekend away as part of our vacation-our-butts-off-before-we-adopt-4-kids initiative.  our destination?  louisville, kentucky.  our mission?  to see my good friend and bandmate, steve sinatra (no relation to frank although i've been known to tell girls he is his grandson when i'm playing wing woman), play drums for hunter hayes.

this is one of the only pictures i have of us at a show where my butt isn't directly covering his face.  you're welcome.

saturday evening was one of those moments that slaps you across the face with some perspective.  i watched one of my friends play an arena.  an arena.  full of 17,000 people. his mug was plastered on a 20 foot tall screen as thousands of shrill teenage girl voices screamed in my ears.  

18 year old megan would think 29 year old megan has it pretty damn good.

um yea, the stage picked up and moved across the audience.
i was absolutely certain it was going to fall.  8 cables my, *ahem*, ass.

this kid.  local hero.  had a sign that said "carrie, be my first kiss".
congratulations, son.  you just peaked.

love x 4
local brew.

how was your weekend?!

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