Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Odds and Weekends

well kids, labor day weekend has come and gone and i am ready for fall.  ready to pack up my white pants and pull out my oversized sweaters.  ready to trade weekends on the lake for double feature drive in movies with apple cider.  ready to pop in a dvd that simulates a fire and sit beside it as i watch the lawn boy rake the leaves through the window.  bring it on.

to commemorate the beginning of, arguably, my favorite season, i found this beauty yesterday at one of my favorite local consignment shops:


100% cashmere... 100% free.  yep.  free.  see that $200 tag?  see the july date of arrival?  in consignment world this is considered old merch.  i asked about it at the desk and they said they'd mark it down 75%.  uh huh.  you heard me.  now, $50 i can work with.  i used a 50% off scoutmob deal (scoutmob is my jam, y'all. check them out here) which brought it down to $25, then paid for the remainder with credit i had in my account from consigning clothes of my own.  i don't think i have ever been so proud of myself.

well, i was pretty proud of myself until my dry allergy eyes and i went looking through the linen closet for some eye drops and found these:

ummm yeah.  they expired A DECADE AGO.  which leads me to the question, how may times have i moved them??????  one, two, three, four... FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES.  ew.  somebody call a&e, i just found the subject for their next episode of hoarders.

so i must have spent labor day weekend cleaning out my linen closet and not watching 11 episodes of breaking bad in my yoga pants so in case someone came to the door they would think that i just got back from working out and wouldn't guess that i was a lazy slob, right?  wrong.  i justified sitting on my duff all weekend by the fact that the past few weekends have been chalk full of busy goodness.

my parents came to visit.  it was globs and globs of fun.  we ate our body weight at every meal.  we toasted to our growing family after josh and i dropped the "hey, we're for sure adopting 4 kids, capiche?" bomb.  we went to east nashville's annual tomato festival and we drove around scouting out some of the houses josh and i are looking at.  it was parental perfection.  also, i really so love that i can now, as an adult, count my parents as friends. i love their company.

josh and i started operation-vacation-before-adopting-a-zillion-kids and ran away to a lake house.

he had to leave on sunday to get back for work so my friend mae joined me for a couple of days of writing and eating meals strictly made from items purchased at a gas station (don't worry, i put broccoli in the velveeta so it was totally healthy).

(just in 'queso' you need more pictures of beautiful smith lake to drool over, here they come..)

our 'framily' spent a day on a lake in tennessee in a beat up old jalopy of a pontoon.  it was all fun and speedos until a monsoon of a storm had us racing back to the dock, dodging lightening all the way.  we were promptly escorted into a covered tool shed which our collective weight immediately started to sink.  of course.  

so labor day weekend?  labor day weekend looked a lot like house hunting on our phones over burgers and beer... in between episodes of breaking bad, naturally.

how was your labor day??


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  1. Hey Megan,

    Stefanie Shick here! I know that it has been awhile, but I ran across your blog not too long ago and I'm so excited for you! I couldn't believe it when I found out about your journey of faith and love! I get so happy when I find out how others' are following God's will for their lives! Adam and I are totally addicted to Breaking Bad too! That is one thing about not having kids that I miss - weekend marathons of catching up on TV series! Enjoy it while you can! Have a great week!